Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Andean Wunderkind -- Quinoa

Emerson's first grain was quinoa. 

this nutritionally dense super grain is high in protein, easy to find organic (here in Austin), and fun in texture. 

I prepared according to the package's instructions, and served it straight, then pressed into the sides of avocado chunks. Despite some teething fussiness, I think he is pro. 

all that remains to introduce of major food groups is meat. I'm putting it off a little bc of ethical uneasiness, but I will offer him some salmon soon, nonetheless. *sigh* I would love for him to choose healthy vegetarianism when he's old enough to choose, but for now, his making that choice independently means he needs to know what it's like to eat meat...I'm craving a rare steak now...*facepalm*

With leftover quinoa, I made myself a tasty dish with the following:

dried tart cherries (cranberries work too)
sea salt (Murray River)
tricolor fresh-ground pepper
unfiltered EVOO
poppy seeds
great warm or straight out of fridge. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Introducing Spices and Herbs

So, plain purée gets old after a while, I think. In an effort to expand Emerson's palate, I'm adding little flavor surprises into his usual fruits and veggies (and egg yolks and yogurt). 

Using the frozen organic baby foods I make, I threw all this into a one-egg pan and voila! 

Up In Them Roots:
1oz. golden beets
1oz. Carrot
1oz. summer squash
1oz. sweet potato 
Saigon cinnamon to taste. 

I think I'm making this for Thanksgiving this year. 

Another successful attempt:
1oz. carrot
1oz. summer squash
dash of dried dill 

The dill brings out the natural sweetness of these two awesome veggies. 

also a tasty dinner option:
2oz. spinach
1 crumbled yolk from a hard boiled egg
dried basil

I added too much basil, and E wasn't super into it. But, We'll try again. 

I think adding a little cream, salt, and pepper to these can make some awesome adult soups, too. 


Thursday, May 16, 2013