Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Introducing Spices and Herbs

So, plain purée gets old after a while, I think. In an effort to expand Emerson's palate, I'm adding little flavor surprises into his usual fruits and veggies (and egg yolks and yogurt). 

Using the frozen organic baby foods I make, I threw all this into a one-egg pan and voila! 

Up In Them Roots:
1oz. golden beets
1oz. Carrot
1oz. summer squash
1oz. sweet potato 
Saigon cinnamon to taste. 

I think I'm making this for Thanksgiving this year. 

Another successful attempt:
1oz. carrot
1oz. summer squash
dash of dried dill 

The dill brings out the natural sweetness of these two awesome veggies. 

also a tasty dinner option:
2oz. spinach
1 crumbled yolk from a hard boiled egg
dried basil

I added too much basil, and E wasn't super into it. But, We'll try again. 

I think adding a little cream, salt, and pepper to these can make some awesome adult soups, too. 


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