Friday, June 22, 2012

Avoiding Brie Is Dumb

Obviously I'm not a doctor, but...

I'm really annoyed by all the alarmist crap around food and pregnancy in this country.  I seriously doubt that eating brie, salumi, , bloody steak, or even having the very occasional glass of wine is going to make my baby deformed or lacking in intelligence. Especially after the more fragile 1st trimester. Even some well-chosen sushi from a highly reputable place is fine in my mind (say no to mercury, though; heavy metals are for real, ya'll.)  Is it because we're a culture that doesn't really value moderation?

NOBODY should eat salumi twice a day. C'mon guys...

There are plenty of things to worry about in parenting. Stressing because you desperately want some brie, and you're not supposed to have it, seems like a ridiculous waste of energy. The stress is probably worse for the baby. Bacteria is everywhere; you could cut your hand and touch an infected doorknob and get a crazy infection. That doesn't mean wear gloves all the time.

Just don't buy sketchy food products. As long as I'm educated about what and how much I consume, I think it should be fine. Soft cheeses, here I come!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bradley Method Class #1

Last night, the Magic Man and I went to our first Bradley Method class down on the south side. Jenny Wood is our instructor, and I can say already that I like her! The class has 6 other couples that seem to come from a wide range of backgrounds. There are a few women there which I've decided I want to maybe be friends with.

After class I felt a lot less anxious about delivery. It may just be the over-confidence from being a ninja of squats and kegels, but I think I might really be able to do this sans epidural. I am a little concerned at the possibility that one's pc muscles can be...too strong. I'm not sure about the science on this; further research required.

(28 weeks pregnant)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

99 Days to Go!

I've been away for longer than I thought. Family visits, registry filling, the never-ending hunt for the right bassinet....these have been filling my days.

I had a good 6 weeks of feeling like a normalish person. But now, 6.5 months in, the morning sickness is back with a vengeance, the beginnings of stretchmarks are starting to appear (luckily they're directly over old stretchmarks--win!), and hot/cold flashes are making an appearance here and there.  At least I've gotten used to these gianormous boobs, for the most part.

The kid is quite the tiny dancer, and I can see my belly ripple when he's really getting down. This can be fun, but his stronger movements--when paired with worshiping at the porcelain alter--present extra difficulties in trying to forcibly will the food to stay in my stomach in those touch & go moments. It's hard enough to mentally calm my puking muscles, without an outside force kicking at my organs. (Please don't let me spontaneously vomit in public!)

*sigh* Less than 100 days to go (hopefully).

(25 weeks, 6 days pregnant)